List of Band Members

The list below is a record of boys who paraded for the Scotch Pipes and Drums since 19461. It is based on the available records. The class is the last year the boy was recorded at Scotch. If no date is recorded, the available record is incomplete.

Surname   Initials Class   Surname   Initials Class  
Bourke RA Gunn AED 1949
Carmichael AI King GJ 1949
Fingleton JE MacVean AA 1949
Jonson TP Blair DGM 1950
Lester WDH Coppock JR 1950
Lindsay JA McCausland PS 1950
Marshall GRJ Shannon IH 1950
McDougall E Sheppard RS 1950
McKenzie HR Lahore JC 1951
McNeil AL Malcolm IT 1951
Moore PJP Orme BJM 1951
Pierri M Plaisted DE 1951
Scott NA Plaisted IE 1951
Thomas AI Carr GO 1952
Wilkinson AM Favaloro MJJ 1952
Wilson TGA Hearn JM 1952
Bishop JD 1947 McNaughton GC 1952
Corr BW 1947 Waites TC 1952
Docker LA 1947 Beveridge AJ 1953
Howden RA 1947 Ive THB 1953
Cameron IH 1948 King WDH 1953
Corbett DJW 1948 Beveridge DB 1954
Davis DT 1948 Findlay CAR 1954
Elliott CDM 1948 Laming BE 1954
Fewster GH 1948 Smith TJS 1954
Hobbs DW 1948 Wardrop KL 1954
Hopkins DH 1948 Barr DU 1955
Medley J 1948 Beveridge GB 1955
Merigan PO 1948 Briscoe GJ 1955
Wallace ED 1948 Cunningham NJ 1955

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  • 1The Pipes & Drums, Scotch College Melbourne - A History, Stephen Matthews and David Kemp, 2007 p205-211