Scotch College Pipes and Drums
Honour Board

The list below is a record of boys who have held senior positions with Scotch Pipes and Drums since 1946 1.

Year Pipe Major Drum Major Pipe Sergeant Leading Drummer
1946 DJW Corbett JD Bishop IH Cameron DH Hopkins
1947 DJW Corbett JD Bishop IH Cameron DH Hopkins
1948 DJW Corbett GH Fewster IH Cameron DH Hopkins
1949 BJM Orme AA MacVean IE Plaisted WDH King
1950 BJM Orme IH Shannon IE Plaisted WDH King
1951 BJM Orme DU Barr IE Plaisted WDH King
1952 JC Lahore TC Waites DB Beveridge WDH King
1953 DB Beveridge THB Ive KL Wardrop JA Husband
1954 KL Wardrop GC McNaughton D McOmish JA Husband
1955 GB Beveridge AJ McFarlane D McOmish JA Husband
1956 TH Smith OK Hyslop GJ Briscoe
1957 TH Smith JW Davies NJ Radford GS Taylor
1958 NJ Radford FI McPherson RA Sinclair GS Taylor
1959 RWM Kemp WM Arnott KR Allan GS Taylor
1960 KR Allan IC Watkins PM Gibbs GP Hocking
1961 KR Allan IC Watkins PM Gibbs GP Hocking
1961 RKJ Luke
1962 MCM Hume PR Haley KS Rohead AW Ross
1962 DK Eager
1963 KS Rohead PR Haley DK Eager AW Ross
1963 KA Heale
1964 PNJ Hume DD McCallum GR Towers KR Coillet
1965 BJ Symington DD McCallum GR Towers JE Pizzey
1966 BJ Symington J Swaney GR Courtis MA MacWhirter
1966 GM Reid
1966 IG Towers
1967 PD Hamilton J Swaney CB Bates DH Gibson
1968 WNN Forbes KPB Crompton DJ Symington DH Gibson
1969 AJ Cliff KPB Crompton G Beere B Cohen
1970 AJ Cliff AJ Gast AC Cox JM Shaw

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  • 1The Pipes & Drums, Scotch College Melbourne - A History, Stephen Matthews and David Kemp, 2007 p203-204